Girls and Boys, all singing at once

Browsing the tube today, found some all girl opac, worth a watch!

Maria Zouroudis does a short and sweet cover of TiK ToK. Maria's strong vocals hooks you in the beginning and encourages you to check out her other videos. Not all a cappella, but the girls got pipes and it shows in whatever style she records in.

Ke$ha, Tik Tok- 

Naya Marie's video is a mashup of a bunch of Gaga songs. While the audio quality isn't the best, Naya's transitions, including tempo and background, keep the song moving. So push through the beginning, you'll be glad you did.

Lady Gaga Mash-Up- 

Ashkan Mazarei: Enter the first shirtless multi-track Vof1 is presenting. Mazarei's Knights of Cydonia is worth the watch for both his uncommon process (live effects) and because he's just fun to watch.

Muse, Knights of Cydonia- 

Finally, a short tutorial for any of you out there looking for more info on multi tracking.

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