Digging Deeper

As we featured the very popular videos first, it's taking more time to find high quality opac (if it's really good it has a lot of views, right?). We're trying to feature different people, so give these different genres a chance.

---Matt Wrobel- Starting us off is a user submitted video (our first!) from the iPhone application, Everyday Looper. Pretty cool what you can do with phone technology.

Rainy Saturday-


---After listening to a lot of dud opac, Shane Stever is a breath of fresh air in this video. Good audio, good voice, good arrangement. We were losing hope, and Shane restored it. :)

Justin Beiber Mash-Up-


---Vance Perry does  a cool choral rendition of Joshua in this video. The key changes work nicely and it is clear he spent a lot of time blending his voice in this.

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho-


---Valedictorianism recreates MJ's Thriller in this vid, and proves just how much a cappella multitracking can do. Unfortunately V's forte is in his arranging, mixing and background singing, as the solo is not nearly up to par with the rest of production. But, we are comparing him to Michael, and that's some pretty stiff competition. Good listen for the background and creativity.

Michael Jackson, Thriller-

Finally, a little tpac (two person aca) for you, this video was just too good to pass up. There's a point when the guy who looks like an astronaut sings a note for nearly 25 seconds. Great stuff.

---FineyLeee aka Simon specializes in Barbershop opac, with nice twists on classic songs. The other voice in the video is Nick Brown, although I couldn't find any of his own videos. Another multi track by the two is available where Nick sings a high C-chest voice for 21 seconds. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc9jEVMVPJA&NR=1)

You Are My Sunshine Tag- 

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