1/31/11, New HQ, New Direction

Buona Sera, Voice of One Fanatics! It's been 3 long weeks since our last post here and we are deeply sorry. Since the last post, Vof1 has relocated to Italy and has been setting up shop and readjusting to the change. We are live and back in action! In addition, we are changing the way we present music on this site. Instead of bringing you unrelated opac (a post with barbershop, metal, and classical covers), posts will now be related- all contemporary hits, or all barbershop, etc. We want to remain as relevant and coherent as possible so that the viewing/listening for YOU our friends, is streamlined by genre and easier to watch. On that note, we are re-emphasizing our interest in the current hits genre and will be bringing more of that to you. 

Felix Tsang- Felix's sweet crooning voice makes his videos an enjoyable watch. The best Just the Way You Are cover we've seen yet, he provides nice sweeping chords and easily hits all of the soloist notes. Could have emphasized the bass and beat more to give it a little more depth, but this tenor's background parts and solo are definitely worth the listen.

Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are-

Aschipupuck- This youngster's cover is impressive for several reasons: First because he is so young (the process of making an opac- good opac is quite complicated and time consuming), Second because the cover is different than a typical Perry cover. Pupuck (real name unknown) creates a serene, cautious atmosphere of sweet but dangerous music surrounding such a positive message. His ability to arrange beyond the original redeems his lack of a beat (which is disappointing because it would have driven it during the choruses).  But perhaps it is the tone he was reaching for, as parts of the video would be lost if shaded with percussion (boom, boom, boom). Much more can be said about his creativity, but it would be better to just watch it.

Katy Perry, Firework- 


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