On this 1/11/11 I present some of the least (but highly deserved) appreciated opac on the web. These vids have just a few thousand views, but the soloists are fantastic.

Brandon Toy  is a great singer and arranger. Many of his videos feature other people or background music so we were ecstatic to find a video featuring just him fully on the track. Check out his other videos to see what else he can do.

Melissa Polinar- Meant to Be:

---Kevin Blechdom is perhaps the most interesting one man band we've run into so far. His covers are beautiful and his solo voice is pristine. Kevin is clearly a performer, as his videos are a bit out there. If you can stand the partial discomfort of him singing in his underwear, check out his other videos. But definitely watch the video below, if not for anything but to listen.

Tim Buckley, Song to the Siren:

---(Sgt.) Sonny focuses on barbershop opac, creating beautiful blended covers in four part harmony. Sonny's intonation and ability to sound as one with himself makes this vid worth a watch.

Realtime, Anthem:

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